In Switzerland (nearly) everybody cares about watches. The Swiss government strictly protects, regulates and controls SWISS MADE and the use of the SWISS MADE trademark for watches


In order to protect the customer and also the quality and strength of the Swiss watchmaking industry, the use of the SWISS MADE trademark for watches is very strictly regulated by the "Verordnung 232.119 über die Benützung des Schweizer Namens für Uhren" of the Swiss Bundesrat


In a nutshell, what does 232.119 say? A watch can only bear the label SWISS MADE if the watch movement is SWISS MADE and the assembly and quality assurance and quality control have taken place in Switzerland and the local Swiss content is very high (a minimum of 80% Swiss content for automatic and other mechanical watches and a minimum of 60% Swiss content for quartz watches are on their way to become binding)


No other country does this. For example "Made in Germany" (MiG) allows Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German or Swiss movements to be used for watches being labelled "Made in Germany". Thus the local German content of MiG watches can be much lower than the local Swiss content of SWISS MADE watches. It is fair enough to say that the quality of MiG watches is much better defined by the quality of the specific German watch brand behind the watch, like some German brands of high and highest quality from Glashütte i/SA, than by the label "Made in Germany" only w,ith its relatively low level of protection





The reason is to be found in the watch movements we use


For SWISS MADE watches we use SWISS MADE movements from ETA (Swiss) and RONDA (Swiss) only. Important detail: SWISS MADE, not "Swiss parts" movements, that can be manufactured anywhere


For SWISS DESIGN watches we use high quality CITIZEN MIYOTA movements only. According to the Swiss government regulation 232.119 all these watches cannot be labelled SWISS MADE, because the movement is not SWISS MADE ...


All watches made by ADVOLAT are designed and assembled by hand to our highest Swiss quality standards. The same applies to the materials used. All ADVOLAT watches are carefully checked in Basel (Switzerland) by our watchmakers' final inspection before shipment.


Why do we offer both? There is a cost advantage that comes with SWISS DESIGN watches that we share with our customers. The choice is yours. The ADVOLAT quality promise and high level of our after sales sevice are the same.


For example: our ADVOLAT®Original Swiss Made CAPITAINE and VOYAGE timepieces have SWISS MADE movements only, made by ETA (e.g. the ETA G15 chronometer movement with 1/10th sec. accuracy) und Ronda. These SWISS MADE timepieces are assembled by hand and thoroughly quality tested in our ateliers / workshops in Bettlach (Solothurn) and Riehen (Basel), all in Switzerland. As soon as we do not use SWISS MADE movements, but quality movements from CITIZEN MIYOTA, we are obliged not to call the watches SWISS MADE any more. Anyway, our label SWISS DESIGN by ADVOLAT stands for our quality promise


In 2016 we will add 18 more watches to our range of highly desirable timepieces. 16 of them will be SWISS MADE. All 18 will be strictly limited, individually numbered and will be using sapphire crystals only